Trade-In FAQ:

  • The Trade-In process consist of a few steps.
  1. Fill out Trade-In form and wait for a response.
  2. Upon receiving a quote, let us know if you would like to accept the offer (Cash or Credit).
  3. Provide us with the shipping information for your package. (Full address, email, box dimensions LxWxH, weight). The cost will be deducted from the amount you will recieve for your club(s).
  4. Upon arrival we will ship out your club or pay you using Paypal(3% fee) or Venmo.
  • A label will be provided for you, the cost of this label will be deducted from the amount you will receive.
  • Pre-paid labels Generally cost $12 for single clubs and 16$ for multiple clubs. These prices are based on a box size of 48"x6"x6" or smaller. Any box larger than this will be approximately 3$ for every additional inch (Length or Width) and 13$ if it is over 48"
  • All you need to do is print it, attach it, and scan it at the post office!

  • We respond as soon as we are able to! This typically takes 0-2days during the season (Mar-Sep). During the offseason is and 0-4days.
  • We typically use the offseason to prioritize and upgrade the store!

We do not accept every Club/Brand, below are our current trade in restrictions:

  • Iron Sets must consist of 5 consecutive clubs (EX: 6-PW). Sets missing a club will receive individual club pricing.
  • Every club has to be in playable condition. No dent's, lose heads, broken shafts, etc..
  • Every club with an non useable grip is subject to a $6 re-gripping fee, with $15 for putters.
  • We do not accept counterfeit or custom made clubs.
  • Clubs lengthened or shortened +/- 2" or more from OEM spec.
  • Any club that is received and looks different than the photos provided (worse condition) can be subject to a price adjustment. The new price will correspond to the condition grade the item is received in.
  • Please assure your photos show all current wear to the best of your ability.
  • Clubs were shipped 2 weeks or longer after shipping was arranged (value changed due to market conditions).
  • Damaged shafts may be subject to a fee of 25-45$ depending on the club type and the shaft needed to repair it.
  • All Trade-In offers will be given as a cash price, if you would like to trade towards an item we offer a 10% bonus! Let us know what item you would like prior to trading in or if you would like a gift card for credit towards a future purchase.

Trade-In Guide:

Download our official trade-in guide that goes over the process, and what you can expect!

Download PDF Guide

Our Custom Labels (UPS)

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