Condition Guide:

The condition guide is used to get a better understanding of club condition. Each club condition is numbered out of 10, and accounts for factors such as aging and wear that can affect its condition score. Club conditions are also provided in each item description.

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New 10/10

  • Club Head: Still in plastic or No signs of any wear.
  • Club Face: No signs of any wear.
  • Grip: Still in plastic or no signs of any wear or usage.

Mint 9.5-9/10

  • Club Head: Looks brand new and shows no signs of wear.
  • Club Face: Very minor signs of wear as if it was only used a few times.
  • Grip: Looks new with no signs of wear and/or discoloring.

Above Average 8.5/10

  • Club Head: Very minor signs of wear with little to no marks.
  • Club Face: Almost perfect, small marks may be present.
  • Grip: Very good condition with little to no signs of use.

Average 8/10

  • Club Head: Minor signs of wear, light scratches may be present.
  • Club Face: Minor ball markings or light surface scratches. No major signs of wear.
  • Grip: May show minor wear/usage, but still has plenty of life left.

Below Average 7.5/10

  • Club Head: Scratches are present, shows visual signs of wear and usage.
  • Club Face: Scratches and ball marks are present, no major wear patterns are present.
  • Grip: Shows signs of usage and wear, usable, may need to be replaced soon.

Used 7/10

  • Club Head: Clear signs of wear, scratches, paint chips, and clear signs of wear and usage.
  • Club Face: Wear patter is visual, ball marks, scratches and light rusting is possible.
  • Grip: Still useable, but shows clear signs of usage and ideally should be replaced.

Poor 6/10 and Lower

  • Club Head: Sky marks are present, clear signs of wear, scratches, paint chips.
  • Club Face: Wear is visual, with ball marks, scratches, or rusting.
  • Grip: Still close to or unuseable.

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